Oriam is the home for Basketballscotland and provides an excellent training and competition venue for any squad to base their programme at the venue. A full range of facilities is available.


The main hall is lined for a show court or as three training courts. There is a fourth court lined and available in the smaller sports hall.


The show court will use Olympic standard baskets. The three training courts in the main hall have electronic adjustable height baskets. There are an additional six manual height adjustable baskets at the end of the halls for training. The smaller 1 Court Hall has two baskets for match play and two additional baskets for cross court training.

Performance Services

The performance services are available for national squads and team training camps. Find further information on these facilities here.

Changing facilities

The main hall can be setup with home and away changing directly opposite the hall entrance. Additional changing is available in events mode.

Events Venue

-The venue can be setup as follows: Show court with 300 bleacher seats and optional warm-up court. Two court venue with 150 bleachers centralised for each court with optional additional warm-up court. Three/four court venue. Changing rooms, live streaming, presentation area and hospitality can be included.

Basketball Bookings__

If you would like to discuss a bespoke basketball package then contact our bookings team on
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