Sports hall

Oriam’s main sports hall is 32m x 54m and offers a fantastic venue for a range of sports and activities, both for training and competition. The hall has a Junckers sprung wooden floor and is available in three sections for training purposes or as a full hall or show court for events. The facility also has the option to use 300 portable bleacher seats. With the addition of a fourth hall the facility is one of only a few venues with the capacity to host national events. The hall will have the following lines available: Basketball show court Netball show court Handball show court Futsal show court Three basketball training courts with additional moveable baskets Three netball training courts with sunken posts Three volleyball courts with sunken posts Three recreational badminton courts

smaller sports court

The smaller 4 Court Sports Hall offers a sprung wooden floor with bleacher seats and high level spectating and is lined for basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton. It can be booked on its own or as part of the main sports hall booking.

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