Oriam has been designed in such a way to allow both performance and recreational users to benefit from the exceptional facilities available. Situated in an exclusive area of the facility, the high performance wing provides an excellent performance environment for the national squads and partners. The facility is designed to allow independent performance services to work together to support the needs of players, coaches and officials as they prepare for competition. Find information on prices and how to book here.

strength and conditioning

The strength and conditioning suite provides an excellent space for players to develop their conditioning needs as part of their training programme. The 330m2 space will contain integrated lifting platforms, two 25m running track, performance half racks, benches, dumbbells, fixed resistance machines and pulley systems. The strength and conditioning space is available as a private space but can also be combined with the rehab and medical suite in an open plan format. Find information on prices and how to book here.

rehab and medical suite

The rehab and medical suite is a fully functional space (over 200m2) that provides medical staff both private and open plan space to support players with preparation and recovery from training and injury. The space offers three treatment beds, a private consultation room, nutritionist preparation area and open space for various exercises. The space is very flexible with all bed areas inclusive of a curtain or blinds system. The full space can be combined with the strength and conditioning space to create one big open plan training area. Find information on prices and how to book here.

hydrotherapy suite

The hydrotherapy suite is complete with a two height hydro pool with an underwater treadmill and two contrast baths. The space is flexible and can be used for recovery from training or rehabilitation purposes. The pool is 7.3m long and 3.7m wide and offers two depths of 0.95m and 1.4m. The underwater treadmill offers an integrated variable speed from 0 to 7.5mph. The CET cryo spas offer cold and hot contract therapy. The equipment includes a hoist for disabled or injured players. Find information on prices and how to book here.

performance changing

The high performance changing rooms are designed with a curved end so that all athletes look towards the coach. A large bespoke table/bench is located in the centre of this space which will provide the coach with an area to discuss training and tactics and will also double up and an area for refreshments for players and additional seating.  The space also includes full projection facilities which can be used to provide more detailed information to the players and coaches. The changing rooms will have direct access to the pitches and high performance wing. Find information on prices and how to book here.


The classroom is directly accessible from the high performance wing and also the sports academy. This multi-use space will provide an excellent environment for team meeting, lectures, press conferences and conference space. The classroom can be booked as two individual meeting spaces with full AV facilities or as one large lecture space. The seating arrangements are flexible and can provide lecture theatre format with folding arms on every chair, individual or group tables or as an open plan space. Find information on prices and how to book here.


Oriam provides an excellent venue for your conference needs whether you wish to access the sports spaces or meeting spaces only. There is a range of different meeting room sizes with flexibility to provide additional space should you require. All the spaces are complete with fully integrated AV facilities. Conference facilities include: Classroom (large): Up to 80 persons in lecture form or up to 50 persons with table format Classroom (medium): Up to 24 persons with table format. Private Dining: Up to 80 persons in table format. Meeting Rooms: A range of 20 person, 15 person and 6 person meeting spaces all in table format. Studio Spaces: Three studio spaces that are flexible spaces to accommodate your conference needs. These spaces can be arranged with or without carpets. Working with our catering partners [Oriam Café], your conference needs will be well taken care of - whether that’s tea and coffee or a full dining experience. If you would like to discuss a reservation with us then contact our bookings team on bookings@oriam.hw.ac.uk.


The Oriam Café is at the hub of the sports facilities. Situated above the fitness suite with viewing into the indoor 3G hall, 12 court sports hall and walled garden area, this space will provide you with an excellent banqueting experience. Whether you are looking for a casual cup of coffee or a full conference space, between the café and private dining experience you have an excellent array of facilities to choose from. If you would like to discuss a reservation with us then contact our bookings team on bookings@oriam.hw.ac.uk.

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